Portable Mini Bowser Petrol Pressure Washer

This portable petrol pressure washer is an ideal way to maintain those difficult to reach areas around your site.

With its own water supply you can easily transport the washer around site to reach areas you want to clean and maintain.

Easily transported as the machine moves like a wheelbarrow with the lance and hose integrated onto the machine.

A standard 10 metre hose with the option of an extendable 20 metre hose the washer can reach most areas.

Product Video

Mini Bowser Petrol Pressure Washer

Key Features

  • Able to use when no water source is available.
  • Easy to transport around site, moves like a wheelbarrow.
  • Suitable for heavy duty usage.
  • Optional extendable hose kit of 20 metres available.
  • Perfect for external use around schools, hospitals and shopping centres.