Kleensweep Snow Plough and Ride on Gritter Seat

Should you be looking for a simple snow plough with the added bonus of quick salt/gritting around your site then our Kleensweep snow plough and ride on gritter seat may be the answer.

The snow plough which can be used on its own, as the gritter unit is detachable, has hydraulic forward and reverse drive and a hydraulic speed regulator giving you greater control over the operation of the machine.

The snow plough blade has two angled settings both left and right and the blade floats over the surface to follow the contours of the ground. A heavy duty rubber strip protects the blade from the ground.Height adjustment of the plough is on skids.

Available with the option of either standard tyres with snow chains or winter tyres.

Our unique ride on gritting unit which can be attached to the rear of the plough enables you to simply drive around site gritting pathways and roadways alike.

Unlike most gritters ours drops the salt/grit in a 500mm path making it a controlled distribution on areas which are most at risk whilst at the same substantially reducing waste.

The Kleensweep snow plough and ride on gritter seat is a great machine to use around sites in the evenings to prepare for the next day or early morning.

Ideally suited to schools, hospitals, shopping centres and large office blocks the gritting unit is perfect for paths thereby helping to improve safety for all pedestrians.

We have also found the machine to be particularly effective around car parks and such is its versatility that it can be driven up to the top floor of a multi storey car park thereby enabling you to keep the top floor open even in wintry conditions.

Snow plough and ride on gritter seat

Key Features

  • Forward and reverse hydraulic transmission.
  • Hydraulic speed control.
  • Snow plough angles both left and right.
  • Unique ride on gritter option.
  • Grit pathways quickly and efficiently.