Kleensweep Battery Powered Pedestrian Sweeper

If you are looking for a battery powered pedestrian sweeper then we may have the machine for you.

The Kleensweep 700 is battery powered and is ideal for sweeping warehouse and factory floors as well as indoor sports halls, tennis courts and corridors.

With a main brush width of 70cm and an overall sweeping width of 86cm the sweeper is both productive and also versatile for sweeping in warehouse aisles and corridors.

As the Kleensweep battery powered sweeper has a heavy duty chassis in fully coated steel it is designed for maximum impact protection so is perfectly suited to a commercial environment.

The side brush, which can be switched on or off sweeps the debris from edges into the path of the sweeper and is then swept into the hopper which sits at the front and is easily removed for emptying.

Whilst sweeping, a vacuum draws the dust through a filtration system and into the debris hopper, whilst an electric shaker remove the dust from the filters providing for a dust free environment.

Battery Powered Pedestrian Sweeper with Dust Control

Key Features

  • Extremely manoeuvrable battery powered sweeper.
  • Heavy duty coated steel chassis.
  • Effective dust filtration system.
  • Working width 86cm. (including side brush)
  • Excellent for warehouses, sports halls and indoor tennis courts