Kleensweep 75 Outdoor Sweeper

The Kleensweep 75 outdoor sweeper is designed specifically for outdoor use with a heavy duty polypropylene sweeping brush and with the option of adding a hydraulic side brush.

With the main sweeping brush 75cm wide the machine is perfectly suited to smaller areas where access and manoeuvrability is important.

The addition of a hydraulically powered side brush also helps to maintain kerb edges and around the footings of buildings leaving a clean finish and enhancing the appearance of any site.

Adding a collector to the front of the machine allows for debris such as stones, grit, mud, broken glass and small items of debris to be collected.

With forward hydraulic drive the Kleensweep 75 outdoor sweeper is easy to use and is operator friendly.

Ideally suited to sweeping smaller areas including tennis courts, block paving and pathways the Kleensweep 75 outdoor sweeper will fit many applications

Kleensweep 75 Outdoor Sweeper

Key Features

  • Easy to operate with hydraulic transmission.
  • Collects debris into hopper.
  • Cleans kerb edges and around buildings footings.
  • Can be used all year round.