Kleensweep 3in1 Sweeper/Gritter/Snow Plough

The Kleensweep 3 in 1 sweeper/gritter/snow plough is a unique machine that is perfect for site maintenance.

Comprising of a heavy duty sweeper, ride on gritting unit and snow plough this machine can be used in all weather conditions and 365 days a year thereby offering a great investment.

The sweeper unit is ideal for hard surface sweeping including kerb edges as well as for use on MUGA surfaces in schools.

The debris collector will pick up grit, gravel, mud, broken glass and small items of litter thus making it a perfect machine for schools, colleges, shopping centres and hospitals.

With a ride on gritting unit the seat can also be used with sweeper but is ideally suited to the gritting of pathways and access areas as the flow of grit is controlled.

The snow plough can also be added easily with no tools required as quick release are fitted on the hydraulics.

The Kleensweep 3in1 sweeper/gritter/snow plough is easy to operate with forward/reverse hydraulic transmission and a hydraulic speed control

Product Video

Kleensweep 3in1 Sweeper/Gritter/Snow Plough

Key Features

  • Unique machine for year round use.
  • Sweeper is ideal for pathways, kerb edges, sports pitches and collects the debris.
  • Ride on gritting speeds up salt/grit spreading in a controlled manner.
  • Easy to attach snow plough blade, no tools required.
  • Simple to manoeuvre as the machine has forward/reverse hydraulic drive.