Kleensweep 101 Industrial Outdoor Sweeper

The Kleensweep 101 industrial outdoor sweeper is a robust heavy duty sweeper designed specifically for outdoor use and can be used in all weather conditions.

With a main sweeping brush 101cm wide the machine is ideally suited for paths and roadways.

Currently the machine is used in many environments such as schools, colleges, hospitals and shopping centres as well as factory and office sites.

Easy to operate with forward and reverse drive and speed control the sweeper is extremely manoeuvrable.

With the addition of the hydraulic side brush you are able to maintain clean kerb edges effortlessly and by including the debris collector on the front you also collect the debris.

This industrial outdoor sweeper is suitable for collecting grit, gravel, mud, broken glass, cigarette butts and other small items of debris.

Other optional attachments are:

  • Ride on operator seat
  • Ride on gritter seat
  • Snow plough blade
  • Yard scraper

All of these attachments can be added easily without the need for tools.

Kleensweep 3in1 Sweeper/Gritter/Snow Plough

Key Features

  • Easy to operate with hydraulic forward/reverse drive.
  • Suitable for all weather conditions.
  • Cleans kerb edges and building footings.
  • Collects debris into hopper.
  • Optional ride on operator seat.