Mini Honda Tractor 3G/4G Sports Pitch Sweeper Groomer

Mini Honda Tractor & 3G/4G/5G Astro Turf Sports Pitch Sweeper

Maintaining your 3G/4G/5G pitch regularly is essential rather than a luxury and leads to both a better playing surface and also an increased life for the pitch. Our mini Honda tractor 3G/4G/5G astro turf sports pitch sweeper comes complete with a groomer unit and is one

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Kleensweep 3G/4G Artificial Sports Pitch Sweeper

Kleensweep 3G/4G/5G Artificial Sports Pitch Sweeper

As considerable investment is required to install a 3G/4G surface it is important that the ongoing maintenance should not be overlooked. The Kleensweep 3G/4G artificial sports pitch sweeper has a  power unit with a Honda engine and groomer unit providing you with a system that is

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Kleensweep Artificial Sports Surface Sweeper – Sand Filled

The importance of maintaining your artificial sports pitch cannot be underestimated as regular maintenance will extend the life of the surface whilst improving the playing surface for players. Ideally suited to football pitches the sweeper is also perfect for tennis courts whether they are hard

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